Our own practical and "hands on" courses are designed to be stimulating and confidence building. Our services range from one - to - one consultations to creating a whole company's communication strategy.


Writing with your Mouth Full
A 90 minute breakfast course covering the essentials of business writing.

Junk the Jargon
Aimed at the legal and financial sectors, and any other companies top heavy with jargon and clichés.

Building it Up
Team building soap opera project for corporate training.

Writing in the Valley

Following our triumphant day out on the Sheffield Waterways, these Creative Writing courses take place in the beautiful Dove Valley near Buxton.

Presenting Yourself

A good business presentation or speech begins with a clear, crisp script. How to construct your 'story', then stand and deliver it with confidence

Advanced Business Writing

Bad English grammar and spelling cost British businesses millions every year. This crash refresher session highlights the common pitfalls and offers a number of invaluable tips and techniques.

Manners Make Money

Good business etiquette will raise your profile, increase profits and greatly enhance your image.A few simple tips to set your manners apart from the others.

Advanced Business Writing 2

Applying language skills to writing letters, memos, emails, flyers etc, that are concise, succinct and communicate your message confidently and with clarity.

Reporting Back

Business reports are meant to be acted on. All too often, they end up under a pile of unread papers. This seminar gives you the tools and helps you to write a report than gets noticed.


We also specialise in bespoke, in-house and one-to-one consultation and training.


Tell us your exact training needs and we will help you fulfil them.









'Never use a scientific or a jargon word if you can think of an everyday British equivalent.' George Orwell